Have you ever heard the saying:

“You make your money when you buy”

It’s true...but misleading.

You must buy the property right. There is no argument there.

However, WHO you sell the property matters most.

In the world of wholesaling there are many different types of buyers.

-some buyers want to hold the property as a rental.

-some buyers want to fix and flip the property to a retail buyer

-some buyers do the rehab themselves

-some buyers never step foot in a house

-some buyers buy hundreds of properties and want better deals

-some buyers are buying their first property

-some buyers will buy the property to fix up and live in and then sell it later

-some buyers want to turn the property in a couple of weeks or months

-some buyers will work on the property for a year or two

-some buyers will just buy the property to keep their crews busy so they don’t go to work for someone else

-and on and on

In every one of these scenarios, each buyer will pay a different price for the house.

Your job is to find the best buyer for the best price.

You must find them first.

How do you know a buyer will buy before they do?

How do find these buyers?

How do you know who pays the highest price?

How to you contact them?

What do you say?

How do you find their cell phone numbers?

If a buyer has an LLC how do you get their name and contact info?

What questions do you ask these buyers?

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The answers to these questions will lead you to much higher profits.

Personally, when I stopped selling to “my buyers” and I started selling to the best buyers my profits increased by over $8000 per house!

It’s a big deal.

Imagine if you are doing 3,5,10, or 20 houses a month?

The amount of money you could be leaving in the table is mind boggling.

So if you want to start making more money on each deal you need the Dispositions Digest.

It’s 129 pages packed with how to make more money by selling to the right buyers.

Don’t do another deal without it.

Book and Bonuses Immediatly Available for Download After Checkout

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I know that my Marketing Mastery Book will spark new ideas, and propel your business to newfound heights. But for any reason, if you are not completely satisfied, rest assured that I will provide you with a 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase. Just email the support email on your receipt and we will help you out!



Growing up in a small town in Illinois, Matt began work at a local Machine shop, creating parts for agricultural companies like John Deere and Caterpillar. But after a few years, amounting debt and minimal pay raises forced him to look for another source of income. Spending the remaining money he had, he invested heavily in learning about real estate before successfully completing his first wholesale deal in 2005. Fast forward to the present, Matt has created a multi-million dollar real estate enterprise, completed thousands of real estate transactions, holds a substantial portfolio of cash-flowing properties, and has conducted over 85 million dollars in real estate transactions in the last 3 years. If you're just starting out, or already run a business and are looking to go to the next level, Matt has the knowledge to get the result you desire.

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Ten Things You Must Do On Seller Calls

Ten Things You Must Do On Seller Calls

So my top sales acquisition person asked me a question the other day that spurred me to create this training.
She asked, “Matt, what did you say to sellers to be able to buy so many houses and bare-bones prices for so many years?”
Without hesitation, I wrote down the 10 things I did on every single sales call.
I had never physically written down the 10 things before. But I knew them like the back of my hand because they had been said for years and thousands of closed deals.
Now I learned these 10 things thru trial and error. I found what worked and what didn’t.
I saw what worked and repeated the strategy to see if it would work again. If it did I kept using it.
Over time I dial in and mastered what I said.
What were the 10 things I shared?
You’re about to find out in this 50-minute video!
How would you like to step into every sales conversation with a plan of what to say?
How confident would you feel if you knew how to overcome all of the typical objections most sellers have?
How would you like to be the person the seller sells to even though someone else offered a higher price?
Get This 50 Minute Video Today To Learn My Secrets!
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